I pledge to seek creation of sustainable and good paying jobs for future generations and concurrently support the research, development and implementation of green technologies for American firms. To this end, I will support tax credits, low-interest loans/loan guarantees and grants to encourage such work.

I will support investment in the country’s infrastructure in a way that supports growth in the future to ensure that American companies can compete with foreign firms.

  • I will support appropriate tax benefits for companies that keep jobs in the United States.
  • I will support programs to encourage the development and manufacturing of goods that are made in America.
  • I will support modification of the tax code so that corporations have incentives to hire American workers.
  • I will work toward ensuring that the Government can preserve an opportunity for citizens to start small businesses and have a reasonable opportunity for success through direct lending programs with reasonable terms.
  • I will support the creation and funding of job training programs to ensure that businesses will have a ready workforce of prospective employees to meet the challenges of the future.
  • I will support the development of programs by cities, counties, states, and Federal agencies to provide greater contracting opportunities to American owned businesses who hire American workers.
  • I will support the rights of all employees to organize, select a bargaining representative of their choice, work in a safe environment and be free from intimidation and retaliatory tactics.
  • I will support the creation of business, labor and government partnerships to work toward meeting the challenges of the future.

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