Congressional Candidate Tim Sheridan Responds to News About Rep. Calvert’s New Subcommittee Post – December 3, 2013

For Immediate Release            Contact:  Cindy Petersen

December 3, 2013                                   951-471-2520

In a recent local newspaper article, it was reported that Rep. Ken Calvert of California’s 42nd District was appointed head of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies. The article portrayed the appointment as a “boon” for Mr. Calvert. Mr. Sheridan, on the contrary, feels that it may be good for Calvert but it definitely is not good for Americans or the environment.

Mr. Calvert has shown such little regard for environmental issues that in 2012 he earned an abysmal 3% score from the highly respected League of Conservation Voters. For example, Mr. Calvert supported legislation (H.R. 4480) intended to change the definition of air quality from the current standard which gauges the potential effect on human health to a standard which considers the “cost to industry.” He also voted for legislation (H.R. 3409) that would have gutted the Clean Water Act. Finally, he opposed fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for cars.

Mr. Calvert’s record on the environment renders his appointment as head of any environmental subcommittee a problem – not a boon. Mr. Sheridan says that we need a Representative in Congress who supports both the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts so that Americans in the future can live in a safe environment. Mr. Calvert is not that Representative.