Douglas Dye, Data Manager


Data Manager Douglas Dye is recognized as a valued Democratic political activist in Riverside County. After years of excelling in the electronics industry, Douglas retired from his career as a manufacturing engineer in 2004. Since then, he has dedicated himself to volunteering for the Democratic Party on a full time basis.

Douglas continues as an actively serving member of the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC), the Riverside County Democratic Party (RCDP), and the Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside County (DCSRC).  He has previously served on the Executive Boards of all three organizations. His responsibilities have included serving as the RCDP’s Webmaster and Data & Statistics Chair. He continues as Chair of the Internet/Website Committee for the DCSRC and was recently named Chair of the Data Base Services Committee for RCDP Central Committee.

In 2006, Douglas worked as Campaign Manager for Laurel Nicholson’s run for the 66th Assembly District and, in 2008, was a member of the Steering Committee for Grey Frandsen’s 66th Assembly District Campaign.

In 2010, Douglas was the endorsed Democratic candidate for the 66th Assembly District.  That same year, he and his wife, Susan, were awarded Volunteer of the Year by the California Democratic Party for Region 19.