Flooding in Riverside Raises Questions about Ken Calvert’s Position on Disaster Relief – September 8, 2014

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September 8, 2014                                                                                            951-471-2520

Tim Sheridan, the Democratic candidate for Congress in California’s 42nd District, said yesterday that the flooding that hit Riverside should serve as a reminder that, while we live in a beautiful area of the country, we have to be ready in the case of a natural disaster and that our elected officials also have to be ready to help when such issues arise.

“When I heard about the flooding, I was reminded how my opponent, 20-year incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert, joined with Republicans in the House of Representatives last spring when they delayed providing disaster relief to the victims of Superstorm Sandy,” Sheridan said.  “When Ken Calvert and others in the House of Representatives play politics instead of helping people who have been touched by a natural disaster, voters in California’s 42nd District should remember in the November election.” ​

 Governors Cuomo of New York and Christie of New Jersey said at that time that Congress’ failure to act was a “dereliction of duty”, adding that Congress’s “inaction and indifference at the time was inexcusable.” [i]

​It took the House more than two months to finally act on and pass a relief bill.​ ​”While the flooding in Riverside was minor compared to what happened in the New York/New Jersey area,” Sheridan added, “we are subject to earthquakes and fires.  I would not want Congress playing politics if we need help.  When I’m elected to Congress, I will not engage in such game playing.”


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