This is Citizen Sheridan!

He is based on our candidate for Congress in California’s 42nd Congressional District – Tim Sheridan!



This is KennyCal MoneyBag$ from Special Interest Land!

He is based on a 23-year incumbent member of Congress who is an ultimate establishment insider!

More importantly, everything we depict in the cartoon actually happened – even though it may seem unbelievable. Well…except for one thing – we took a bit of artistic license with his appearance! Check out his hair – It’s a dollar $ign!



This is GerryMan!

The first thing you’ll notice about GerryMan is his uniquely shaped body. As you may know, it is based on the shape of California’s 42nd Congressional District. Here is a map of the District:

CA42 map 2

Now, GerryMan is named GerryMan because weirdly shaped legislative districts such as California’s 42nd Congressional District are known as Gerrymandered districts. 

The name comes from actions attributed to former Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry. Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

“In the process of setting electoral districts, gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan-advantaged districts. The resulting district apportionment is known as a gerrymander; however, that word can also refer to the process.

The word gerrymander (originally written Gerry-mander) was used for the first time in the Boston Gazette on 26 March 1812. The word was created in reaction to a redrawing of Massachusetts state senate election districts under Governor Elbridge Gerry (1744–1814). In 1812, Governor Gerry signed a bill that redistricted Massachusetts to benefit his [political] party. When mapped, one of the contorted districts in the Boston area was said to resemble the shape of a salamander.”

California’s 42nd Congressional District is a Gerrymandered District. Anyway, GerryMan will be an important character in our cartoon – he will keep a watchful eye out for what KennyCal MoneyBag$ from $pecial Interest Land is doing.

Remember, everything we depict in our cartoon is true! – shocking but true!


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