I’m pleased that our nation has acted to make healthcare available to more Americans. Over 9 million Americans, including 1.3 million Californians, have signed up for healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That means that our friends and neighbors can feel secure knowing that they will be covered if they get sick or injured.

Equally importantly, the law provides great benefits. First, as no one should have to fight an insurance company when you are sick or fighting for your life, or for the life of a family member, the ACA stops insurance companies from cancelling policies if you or your family member needs coverage. Second, insurance companies are prohibited from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Finally, parents can also keep their children on their insurance policies until they turn 26.

While the ACA is not perfect, it is a start. Common sense dictates that Congress should work together to fix the issues that have been raised about the law. Doing so will ensure that we will continue to have the best healthcare in the world. More importantly, it will give all Americans access to reasonably affordable healthcare as the necessary fine-tuning of the law continues.

Mr. Calvert, on the other hand, simply wants to repeal the law. He is not interested in working with anyone to resolve the issues that need to be fixed. Worse yet, Mr. Calvert has not offered a plan to replace the ACA. Thus, if Mr. Calvert and his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives get their way, the 9 million Americans who have signed up for the program, including 1.3 million Californians, will lose their healthcare coverage and the security that having such insurance provides. That is not acceptable. If Mr. Calvert and those who want to repeal the ACA have a better way, they should present it to the American people. If not, they should work toward improving the law.

When I’m sworn in next January, I pledge to you that I will work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to resolve the problems with the law that need to be fixed. Doing so will ensure that more Americans will enjoy the security of having health insurance. More importantly, it is the right thing to do – especially for the 9 million Americans who now have health care.

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