Jobs and Economy

Everyone I talk with in this campaign believes that hard work, fair play and personal responsibility are important. But in the past few decades, greed on Wall Street and government decisions have favored those at the top while it’s made it harder and harder for families and small businesses to get ahead.

I believe in working collaboratively with business, labor and government for economic policies that benefit everyone – not just those at the top of the economic ladder. I will work with Democrats, Republicans and Independents both on Capitol Hill and in Riverside County to enact policies that can bring meaningful employment for the hard working folks in our district. Helping to create good paying jobs will be a priority of my Congressional office. Here is what I will do:

* I will support the research, development and implementation of green technologies for American firms. To this end, I will support tax credits, low-interest loans/loan guarantees and grants to encourage such work;
* I will support legislation to ensure that American companies can compete with foreign firms as well as structure appropriate tax benefits for companies that keep jobs in the United States and encourage the development and manufacture of goods that are Made in America;
* I will focus on securing the necessary resources to both upgrade our area’s infrastructure and to find solutions to the traffic problems that we face;
* I will support modifying the tax code so that corporations have incentives to hire American workers;
* I will support legislation that makes it easier for citizens to start small businesses and to ensure that small business owners have a reasonable opportunity for success through direct lending programs with reasonable terms;
* I will also support the creation and funding of job training programs that will ensure that businesses will have a ready workforce of prospective employees for the future; and
* I will support the rights of all employees to organize, select a bargaining representative of their choice, work in a safe environment and be free from intimidation and retaliatory tactics.


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