Kai Kruse, Senior Campaign Advisor

Senior Campaign Advisor Kai Kruse was born in Bonn, Germany in 1968.  He came to the United States for the first time after High School and worked in a summer camp in Massachusetts.  Two years later, he had the opportunity to come to California and work in a Science Camp/Outdoor School.  It was at the Camp where he met the mother of his children.  They married and settled in Corona.  Later, Kai and his wife divorced.  He has three children ages 24, 22, and 13.

Kai earned his B.A. in Languages and a Teaching Credential from UC Riverside.  He earned a M.S. in Education from Walden University.  He has been a teacher for 22 years, the last 15 teaching 5th Grade at McAuliffe Elementary School in the Alvord Unified School District.  Kai loves his job.

“I find it extremely fulfilling and gratifying to see students grow,'” he said, “I feel blessed that I get a chance to help educate, enrich, and empower future generations.”

During his spare time, Kai loves to read, play sports (soccer, tennis, running), and spend time with his kids.


Why do I work for electing Tim Sheridan?


I love what Tim said recently – that he feels incredibly fortunate that he is where he is right now, implying that he knows that he has been fortunate, and that not everybody has the same opportunities that he had.  I share that sentiment.  While America is still the land of opportunities, the cards are increasingly stacked against people who grow up poor.  I believe that we need to get away from the notion that you earn everything you got, because it is not true.  As a teacher I see it every day, where, for many reasons, kids that grow up socio-economically disadvantaged perform at a significantly lower level than other students.  In my opinion we should refocus on the Preamble of the Constitution and “promote the general welfare” and make the “common good” our priority.  We will all benefit if we provide opportunities for all.  I believe that Tim is truly interested in representing all people in the 42nd District, not just the powerful or the ones who will help him with his agenda.