LGBT Rights

Discrimination against anyone due to race, cultural or national origin, religious affiliation, disability, gender identification, or sexual orientation is wrong. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are clear about protecting individual civil rights. To that end, I am committed to equality for LGBT Americans, and I oppose policies or actions that discriminate against LGBT individuals and/or their families.

Although we have come a long way in establishing rights for LGBT Americans in recent years, we need to remain diligent about protecting those rights. Moreover, we need to ensure that the gains that have been made are not reduced incrementally. As I have done throughout my career as a litigator protecting people’s jobs, I will fight discriminatory practices against LGBT Americans in any form.

I am also committed to ensuring that the rights conferred to married and dedicated partners are available to all who enter into the civil contract of marriage, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

I will work to ensure that LGBT (and all) children are protected from bullying and can safely attend school.

I will also oppose any legislation that ostensibly privileges religious liberty at the expense of the rights of the LGBT community.

Finally, I also oppose the practice of LGBT Conversion Therapy and will oppose any law designed to justify, support or add credence to the practice.

The majority of Americans, and the majority of Inland Valley residents, believe in and support equal opportunities for all, and oppose discrimination and discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation and gender identification. When I’m in Congress, I will stand for these principles.



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