Sandy Smolinski, Senior Campaign Advisor


Senior Campaign Advisor Sandy Smolinski was born in the first week of November, a fact she likes to joke about saying she was pre-destined to live a life interested in politics.  She spent her childhood interested in political campaigns and elections and remembers Senator Hubert Humphrey coming to her home town in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  She began her canvassing career with the Sen. George McGovern’s presidential campaign back when she was in high school in 1972.  Sandy worked for a student government association in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where they worked on issues like:  (shared governance for college students, voter registration, and other similar issues affecting college students.)  Sandy has worked on many campaigns, made a lot of phone calls, and knocked on many doors since those college days.  She organized a rally in favor of healthcare legislation in 2010 through Move On.  Sandy won a WHO Award from the California Teachers Association due to her work on the successful passing of Prop 30 and defeat of Prop 32 in 2012.  She has been involved in the Tim Sheridan for Congress Campaign since spring 2014; doing everything from knocking on doors, making endless phone calls, and advocating for Tim at her public school job as a speech pathologist and Political Action Chair for the Lake Elsinore Teachers Association.  She looks forward to continuing her work on Tim’s campaign in any way that she can!