Sheridan Campaign Picks Up Momentum – Now Endorsed by Democracy for America – May 19, 2014

For Immediate Release            Contact:  Cindy Petersen

May 19, 2014                                            951-471-2520

Democracy for America (DFA), a national grassroots organization, recently announced its endorsement of Tim Sheridan who is seeking to unseat 20-year incumbent Congressman, Ken Calvert. It is rare for a national organization to support a candidate prior to the primary, which means that DFA sees Tim as the clear Democratic front-runner in California’s 42nd Congressional District. Mr. Sheridan was earlier endorsed by the Riverside Chapter of DFA.

“Congress is broken; the people of this district need better representation,” Sheridan said when asked why he is running. “I feel that my experience will enable me to work with both sides of the aisle to get the right things done for the country, and for this district.”

This is the candidate’s first time running for office, and he has quickly shown his strength as a leader. The Sheridan Campaign has assembled an all-volunteer team which is working together to send him to Washington. Tim easily carried the endorsement from the California Democratic Party, with 94% of the vote, and has since received many other major endorsements. When asked how he feels about receiving this endorsement, Tim replied, “It is humbling to know that such an influential group is willing to get behind us. I will work tirelessly to ensure I live up to their expectations. Congress has lost its way; they have forgotten that their job is to represent the people. That will be my focus when I get to Washington – people first.”

Democracy for America is a national grassroots organization designed to put the power in the hands of the people, not in special interest groups or people with deep pockets. “DFA is committed to uniting people behind the shared values of community, security, and liberty, and fighting to realize a fairer, more progressive America.”

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