Sheridan Condemns Calvert’s Cal Guard Failure – October 25, 2016

Tim Sheridan condemned his opponent, 23-year incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert, for allowing the Pentagon to demand reimbursement for reenlistment bonuses paid ten years ago to California National Guard soldiers.

The Pentagon announced yesterday it is seeking reimbursement of the bonuses, which amounted to more than $15,000 per soldier, because they were improperly paid out.

“Congressman Calvert was too busy pandering to special interests to be concerned about the veterans,” said Sheridan. “He says he supports the troops, yet here is another example of his poor record of taking no action on their behalf.”

The California Democratic Party’s candidate in the 42nd Congressional District said Calvert is the senior member of the California Republican delegation and should have known better.

According to the LA Times, Congress knew for at least two years about the Pentagon’s efforts to take back bonuses from veterans. (

“Mr. Calvert chose to ignore the severe economic impact repayment of bonuses would have on the 9,700 California Guard soldiers affected,” said Sheridan. “Our National Guard soldiers fulfilled their obligation, many with multiple tours of duty in the Iraq and Afghanistan. They are already under severe economic hardship; do you really think they are in the position to
pay all that money back?”