Sheridan Questions Calvert’s Failure to Hold Town Hall Meetings During the Summer Congressional Recess – August 21, 2014

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August 21, 2014                                                                                      951-471-2520

Tim Sheridan, the Democratic Party’s candidate in California’s 42nd District, was perplexed to learn that his opponent, 20-year incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert, has taken a taxpayer-funded trip, also known as a Congressional junket, to Southeast Asia during the Congressional recess this month.  In recent reports about his plans for the five-week Congressional recess, Mr. Calvert failed to mention that he was taking an overseas trip.

“Not surprisingly and more importantly,” Sheridan said, “Mr. Calvert has not scheduled any town hall meetings so that he could talk with the folks in the district about the issues facing the country.  The people in the 42nd District deserve better from their Congressional representative.  When I’m elected, I pledge to be home from Washington as much as possible to talk with, and listen to, my neighbors in the 42nd District about the issues that are concerning them.  I will regularly hold town hall meetings.”

Sheridan campaign Vice Chair Kerry Meuchel also criticized Mr. Calvert for his extensive use of taxpayer-funded surveys instead of meeting with his constituents.  “Mr. Calvert has become a ‘survey representative,'” Meuchel said.  “He sends out survey after survey of multiple choice questions designed to limit inquiries about what he is doing in Washington.  That is not representation – he should be meeting face-to-face with constituents on a regular basis.  Of course, if he did that,” Meuchel added, “he might have to explain why he spends so much time outside the district when he is not in Washington.”

Sheridan, who has agreed to participate in a debate with Mr. Calvert that would be sponsored by the Lake Elsinore Citizen’s Committee, is running in his first political race.

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For Immediate Release                               Contact:  Cindy Petersen          951-471-2520