Sheridan Supports Bipartisan Veterans Health Care Bill – June 12, 2014

For Immediate Release            Contact:  Cindy Petersen

June 12, 2014                                             951-471-2520

Tim Sheridan, Democratic candidate in the race for California’s 42nd Congressional District, has confirmed his support for the bipartisan Veterans Affairs Health Care bill that was passed by the Senate yesterday. The bill, crafted by Senators Bernie Sanders and John McCain, addresses the crisis of long delays faced by our veterans seeking access to health care at VA facilities. It authorizes the Department of Veteran Affairs to hire more doctors and build new facilities and allows veterans to seek private health care if they live more than 40 miles from a VA hospital or clinic.

“It is refreshing to see Republicans and Democrats working together to craft legislation that addresses one of America’s pressing problems,” Sheridan said. “It’s something that needs to be done.”

Sheridan, who is running against 20-year incumbent Ken Calvert, added, “I hope the bill gets through the House quickly and that Mr. Calvert will work with Democrats to pass the legislation. Congress has demonstrated time and again that it does not work well. However, here is an opportunity to put our veterans first and do the right thing.” He added, “When I’m elected to Congress, increasing pay and benefits for our military personnel, retirees and their families will be a top priority- especially benefits related to health care.”