Suji Fox, Senior Campaign Advisor/Voter Registration Director

sujiSenior Campaign Advisor Suji Fox is a lifelong Democrat and serves as the Voter Registration Director for the campaign.  Suji formally served as President of the Democratic Club of Southwest Riverside County (DCSRC) and is an elected member of Riverside County’s Democratic Party Central Committee. She is also a delegate to California’s State Democratic Party.

Before joining DCSRC, Suji co-founded the Lake Elsinore Democratic Club and coordinated voter registration and volunteer teams for numerous political campaigns over the past ten years. She also worked in the Presidential elections of Senator George McGovern and Governor Jerry Brown.

In her younger years as a student at UCLA, Suji helped achieve the adoption of Black Studies by attending Black Student Union meetings and petitioning the University’s Vice Chancellor. Since that time, she has actively opposed racism, promoted voting rights, and mentored Gandhi’s message of peace, including travel and study in India and Europe.

SujiwhusbSuji has dedicated herself to several professions. A devoted public school educator, she taught English Language Arts and Choir to secondary school students for twenty-five years in both Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, serving part of that time as department chair. She has also provided extensive personal growth training to individuals and groups and was minister of a quaint, 100-year-old metaphysical church in Alameda, California for four years.

In 2006, she and her sister, Mary Hochenauer, co-wrote a children’s book, Sunny and Wondrous, Cat Cousins, published by Gnatcatcher Children’s Books.  The book is about peaceful conflict resolution.

Music is another of Suji’s passions; in their early years, she and her sisters formed a vocal trio, recording and singing for live and television audiences.

Today, through her seminars, Suji is committed to advancing the Democratic messages of empathy, responsibility and excellence, based on the research of UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff. She also writes a monthly column for the DCSRC Democratic Times.

Suji’s enduring goal is to bridge the gap separating conservative and progressive thought—in order to find ways to work together so that all Americans have equitable access to a safe and flourishing planet, sound education, fulfilling work and ongoing health and prosperity.

She is married to Terry Fox and has two step-sons and two step-grandsons.