Tim Sheridan Lays Murrieta Immigration Predicament at Rep. Ken Calvert’s Feet – July 2, 2014

For Immediate Release            Contact:  Cindy Petersen

July 2, 2014                                            951-471-2520

Tim Sheridan, the Democratic nominee in the race for California’s 42nd Congressional District, said today that the failure of the House of Representatives to address the immigration issue was the root cause of the incident at the U.S. Border Patrol Station in Murrieta on Tuesday. Protestors, carrying signs denouncing illegal immigration, blocked three buses carrying undocumented immigrants from Texas, consequently preventing immigration authorities from processing those on the bus, including many women and children.

“For more than a year, there has been a bipartisan immigration bill languishing in the House of Representatives,” Sheridan said, “Although it passed the Senate with votes from Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner, with the support of my opponent (20-year incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert) has refused to bring the issue up in the House.” The legislation referred to by Sheridan, among other things, would have paid for additional border security and processing facilities.

“This situation highlights Mr. Calvert’s ineffectiveness as a member of Congress in meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse 42nd District,” Sheridan said. “As a member of Congress from Southern California, working to pass an immigration bill should be Mr. Calvert’s top priority. When I get to Washington, I will work with both Democrats and Republicans to implement sensible immigration reform, a major concern in my district,” Sheridan added.

For more information about the Senate bill: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/s744