Tim Sheridan On Paul Ryan’s Statement About Immigration Reform – November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Tim Sheridan, the Democratic Party’s leading candidate in the race for California’s 42nd Congressional District, today criticized Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for comments he made yesterday regarding immigration reform.

Reuters reported that Mr. Ryan said that he would not work with the Obama administration on changing immigration policy because the President “cannot be trusted on the issue.” Mr. Ryan’s comments effectively mean that the House will not take up the issue until 2017.

“It’s the same old, same old – the Do Nothing Congress under John Boehner has morphed into the Do Nothing Congress under Paul Ryan,” Sheridan said. “Regardless of how one thinks it should be resolved, Immigration reform is one of the most important issues facing our country today. We need Representatives in Washington who will take on the tough issues – not simply attend fundraisers to work on their re-election bids.”

Sheridan said that 22 year incumbent Congressman Ken Calvert should object to Mr. Ryan’s comments and insist that the Congress work on the issue.

“There is nothing good about having a Congressman with a lot of seniority if he will not use that seniority to push an issue that is important in California’s 42nd District and all of California,” Sheridan added.

California’s 42nd Congressional District, a geographical area shaped like the letter “X,” runs along the I-15 corridor from Eastvale, southeast to Temecula, and northeast along the I-215 and CA-79 corridors to Beaumont. It also includes the communities of Corona, Norco, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Murrieta, Menifee, Sun City, Winchester, Homeland and Nuevo. Mr. Sheridan lives in Lake Elsinore and was the 2014 Democratic nominee for Congress in the 42nd District.