Women’s Issues

It has become increasingly apparent that a vocal minority in Congress is targeting women’s rights (including reproductive sovereignty, access to affordable healthcare services, and wage equality), in an attempt to dismantle hard-won protections. I am committed to opposing this minority by affirming and protecting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and ratified by the Supreme Court. I believe women should be safe from domestic, institutional and sex-trade violence, and that we should preserve and expand protections offered by the Violence Against Women Act.

Reproductive Health Care

I will work to protect the right of women to have a full range of affordable reproductive health care options and services available to them. This includes access to contraception, maternity and newborn care, and the right to choice. I do not believe that the government, employers or health insurance companies should determine what elements of health and reproductive services a woman can access.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Women deserve equal pay for equal work. This concept seems irrefutable to most of us, yet Congress is increasingly obstructing legislation designed to ensure equal pay for equal work. I would like the opportunity to be a vote for change.

Violence Against Women Act & Family Violence Prevention and Services Act

Finally, I will vote to enact protections outlined in the Violence Against Women Act and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, and oppose any attempts to undermine these laws.

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